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Air-pods Vs PowerBeats Pro. Which One Do You Prefer?

In This Digital Era Not Only A Mobile Phone Is Growing, It makes Earphone Grows Out significantly. For Examples Air-pods and Power Beats Pro. Here are complete information below from Air-pods and Power Beats Pro.



Airpods are a pair of cordless earphones issued by well-known products from the United States, namely Apple. The white shape is very similar to Apple’s standard earphones. The difference between Earpods and Airpods is If Earphones use a cable, Airpods do not use cable or use a Bluetooth connection.

These Airpods will be connected if you have a Phone with an Apple brand with a minimum of iPhone 7 and iOS 10 series, so if you have a Apple brand with an iPhone 7 or lower like iPhone 5, iPhone 5X, iPhone 6 or iOS less than iOS 10 yet can connect with Airpods.

The advantages of Airpods are that it can be used on non-Apple mobile phones but has a Bluetooth connection, but special features will only appear if the non-Apple mobile phone is paired with an Apple-based device, iOS 10 or it can be any device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 Airpods is able to filter out the surrounding noise, which allows receiving phone calls and talking to Apple’s digital assistant, Siri.

Maybe the disadvantage of Airpods is that it has a big impact, namely excessive dependence on its digital assistant, Siri. The purpose of over-dependence on Siri is to control music playback, even though Siri has become far more capable over the years, it’s hard for us to argue that ideal way to control music when we travel.

Airpods has issued 2 series namely Airpods 1 (2018) and Airpods 2 (2019) Airpods series 1 are sold in the range of $ 159.00 and Airpods series 2 are sold in the range of $ 199.00 (Price seen from official Apple)


PowerBeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro is a pair of earphones output from Beats by Dr. Dre who have just been officially released. PowerBeats Pro will also be a tough rival for Airpods from Apple, although Beats by Dr. Dre is a subsidiary of Apple. Although rumored to be clashing, in fact Power Beats Pro uses the same H1 chip as Airpods series 2. This can reduce the voice command feature to the virtual assistant, Siri.

PowerBeats Pro can be used for Android-based devices, so if it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an iOS-based mobile phone. The difference between Airpods and PowerBeats Pro is if the Airpods just hang on the user’s ear but the Power Beats Pro has a unique design that encircles the wearer’s ear so safer from the risk of falling. PowerBeats Pro also has real buds, similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds or Huawei FreeBuds.

PowerBeats Pro has a battery life of up to nine hours if used continuously, which is quite large compared to Airpods issued by Apple. The charging case can provide additional battery power until the time of listening can increase up to 24 hours.

The disadvantage of PowerBeats Pro is that it does not yet support the wireless charging feature that is already owned by Apple’s Airpods 2 series. Power Beats Pro sells for $ 249.95 (price seen from the official store Beats by dr.Dre)

So according to you, you prefer Airpods or PowerBeats Pro? Write your answer in the comments column below.



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