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Android P with Developer Preview, It’s Very Grateful

Android P with Developer Preview, It’s Very Grateful – With the Android P Developer Preview available, we have a much better idea of ​​what to expect.  The Android P Developer Preview was released in early March and is available only for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. You can download an image for Android P and turn it on your device, or turn on Android P in the emulator. If you decide to Flash Developer Preview, to return to your current operating system, the factory image should flash.

The consumer preview will be available soon, possibly on Google I / O in May. This is strongly recommend waiting until then to try out the latest features. In 2018, we’ll see the release of Android ‘P’ as Android 9.0. The name will not be announced until summer, but that does not prevent us from guessing what can happen. A rumor can be named Android Pie, Android Pie Pecan, or Android Pumpkin Pie. Google Developers also begin to go back to a previous version of Twitter, and the binary code shown takes you to the google.com/io website where you can use Street View to explore the Google Developers building reception area.


Although Android 9.0 was released in August 2018, it will not be available soon for all Android devices. This update will first be available to Google Pixel devices, and then we’ll start seeing new Android P phones from the box at the IFA 2018 event in September. Android updates are released by mobile manufacturers and network operators instead of Google itself, since you must first edit any updates for Android to handle any customizations made. Those who have flannel interfaces, like Nokia, who have confirmed Android P updates for all 2017 phones – will be the first to launch updates. While people like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC will launch Android P by the end of 2018 / early 2019.

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