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Fighter Gatotkaca or Tanker Gatotkaca ? Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca is a hero from Indonesia. He is known as one of myth hero and called as The Iron Bone. Gatotkaca was the son of Bima and Arimbi from Arcapada Universe. Gatotkaca has a basic role as a tanker, but he has a potential to become a fighter too. Gatotkaca is a type magic damager. This is very benefit in team cause this type is very rare in Mobile Legends. You can build your Gatotkaca as a tanker or fighter like you want but if you want to get a best potential of Gatotkaca in team. You must know some situation and condition on your battlefield.

Basic Info

We need to know fighting ability of Gatotkaca. We will share it to you

Ability Effect (70), Offense (49), Durability (92), Jungle (70), Poke (70), Difficulity (70)

As you can see, Most of all his fighting ability are 70 with high durability because his a tanker from the start. you need to combine this figting ability with his skill. You can`t do much damage as a fighter from his basic attack.

Passive -> Converts 4% lost HP to his physical defense, up to 250. Every 6s, dealing damage to the enemies with higher HP grants 110-250 HP and 0.5 times of his physical defense. Self buff and regen Type.

Skill 1 -> Dealing 300 magical damage and slowing them. Line area and slow type

Skill 2 -> Forcing nearby enemies to basic attack him for 1.5s. In the next 2.5s, he counters the attacker when hit, dealing 130 magic damage to nearby enemies. Small area and Taunt type

Skill 3 -> Shortly charges and jump to the target area, knocking nearby enemies in to the air for 1s and dealing 500 magic damage. Enemy near to center is knocked to the air for longer time. Large Area and Air bone type

Tanker Gatotkaca 

Top player Gatotkaca always build him as a tanker. There is so much choice of item for Gatotkaca and this is a common build. Slot 2 , 3, and 5 is the important item you must have as a tanker. Slot 1, 4 and 6 as a situational item and you can change with other defensive item

Slot 1 -> if you fight with high magic dealer like karina, aurora, vexana and eudora you can use Cursed Helmet as starting item to change enchanted tailsman

Slot 4 -> If you have allies like estes or rafaela, you can change this item Athena`s Shield or Dominance Ice. Dominance Ice can you use when you fight with Layla or Karrie

Slot 6 -> Immortality is the other option for you but the choice is according of the situation and condition.

If your team already have 2 marksman or 3 killer (Asassin,marksman or Mage). You don`t need to force yourself to become a fighter. Become their tanker and thinking what should you do as a tanker to win the game.

Fighter Gatotkaca

Fighter is alternation choice if you play this hero.You can use fighter role when you have allies like Freya, Roger, Allucrad or Bane. They can help you in front line to accept damage from hitter. You can use fighter role when you face enemies without marksman. Fighter item for Gatotkaca is very variable. Slot 4,5, and 6 are the essential one. Your oppenent and your allies will make the option for slot 1,2 and 3

Slot 1 -> Using Enchanted Tailsman will make you easier to maintain your mana and skill 3 cooldown. You need this item if your allies are Karina, Karrie, Roger and Freya. You must always take the blue buff because mana and cooldown skill is essential for Gatotkaca. Gatotkaca can not do much damage without his skill. His basic attack can`t help him in front line cause he just have 49 offense. Its too low. If you choose blue buff for maintain mana and cooldown you can use Clock of Destiny for your first item.

Slot 2 -> You don`t need this item if you have estes in your side. You can use Clock of Destiny, Ice Queen Wand (increase your slowdown effect) and Disaster Truncheon (If you face Karina or more than 1 mage )

Slot 3 -> You need this item if you choose Concentrated Energy as your second item. There is no specific condition for movement item. As long as it can help you, you can choose any movement item.

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