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Layla is the first hero that you can get in mobile legend. You need to know how to build her item to rise your rank up in this game.This hero is not only for a new player. Some of legend player still using this hero.

Layla`s role is marksman with speciality reap. She is a hitter in team. Layla is the single target attack with basic and Malefic Bomb skill. So, you need to choose the right target that you need kill first. There are some basic info about Layla and i want to share it to you. I will share the item build of layla but you need to know first what layla have before i share the item build.

Basic Info

Ability Effects (62)     Jungle (54)

Offense (95)                Poke (78)

Durability (18)            Difficulity (25)

Layla has a good ability effects and poke. Her offense is superb and difficulity of this hero is low, thats why this hero become the first hero of all player. The problem is her durability. She can`t stay longer on the field or fight by 1 with fighter, assassin or tanker. You need to be carefull in the jungle especially when you face Karina or Natalia.They can kill you in instant but you can still survive if you use flicker spell but this is not guarantee you will survive 100 % but you can fight back as much as you can.

Movement (240), Physical attack (118), Armor (15), Magic Resistance (10), HP (2500), Mana (424), Attack Speed (0.85) , HP regen (27), Mana regen (14)

You can build your own item with above informaton. Before you do it, you need to combine this info with her passive and active skill.

Skill Info

Malefic Gun (Passive) => Her passive make her can do more damage to longest target. This pssive make her to be the best long range hero in mobile legend. This passive is not only for her basic but her skill get an effect of her passive.

Malefic Bomb => Her first active skill. It deal 200 physical damage for the first enemy it hits. This skill effect just for single target.

Void Projectile => Her second active skill. It deal 170 physical damage to the target and slow down  by 60 % for 2 second. It includes movement and attack speed of target. This skill`s range will increase with its level. Small area type skill

Destruction Rush => Her Ultimate Skill. It deal 500 physical damage. For each upgrade can raise her basic attack range by 0.4 . When Layla reach lv 12, she can attack tower from out area tower. Line area type skill

Item Build

Slot 2, 3 and 4 are the essential for Layla. I always use this 3 items. slot 1, 5 and 6 are conditional item.

Slot 1 => You can change this item if you have estes or rafaela in your side, you change this item with malefic roar or windtalker.

Slot 5 => This item can fight againist tanker or a thick hp hero like minotaur. you need this item if your enemy use 1 or more tank. If your enemy doesn`t have any tank you can change this item with malefic roar or blade of the 7 seas

Slot 6 => Blade of Despair is the marksman item but you need to know when your team use 2 or more marksman, you need to change this item with some defense armor like Athena`s Shield, Immortality or Bloodthirsty King

Situational condition :
Tigreal => When you fight tigreal you need malefic roar and blade of the 7 seas. You can use this 2 items or choose one from this 2 item

Karina => Karina is a bad oppenent for Layla. You need Magic blade or Althena`s Shield to survive from her ultimate or you can Immortality too

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