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The Real Reasons why China Bans Foreign Tech Companies

Have you heard that Facebook, YouTube, Google and other technology companies in USA are being banned in China, but you might be surprised why they’re banned?

The Explanation

China really wants to control what happens with information so that starts with controlling the sources obviously wikipedia is banned, wall street journal, the economist, bloomberg, reuters and so on. But the TV shows, movies are carefully selected as well, such as: netflix cant operate on their own and usually have to license their content to local competitors to tweak the shows of the censors.

But the important things are China is very concerned with the security and privacy. China is trying to improve local products that similar with (such as: Sina, baidu, renren, tencent. And also the government of China also easier to control the local information and monitor the data, because all data is full from China.

In fact:

WeChat confirm that all private user data will be submitted to the Chinese Government – Source: Money Control



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