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Japan Summer Festival, Which Festival Do You Want To Miss?

Summer in Japan is always synonymous with various kinds of festivals and fireworks, and now Japan has just begun its Summer which falls in June-August. For those of you who want to visit Japan during the Summer, maybe this article is important for those of you want to go to Japan during the Summer. Here is the Summer Festival in Japan.

Tanabata Festival

The Tanabata Festival is held every July 7 based on the Gregorian Calendar (another term for the Christian calendar). However, Before the Meiji Period, Japan still used the Lunisonar calendar system (Calendar based on the lunar phase calendar and seasonal changes that affected the earth’s circulation to the sun)

This Tanataba Festival can also be called the Star Festival, this Festival is almost the same as the Qixi Festival in the Chinese region. In this Festival, we celebrate the meeting of the Gods Orihime and Hikoboshi. seventh. The festival then spread throughout Japan during the Heian period. Now, each city in Japan has its own version for the Tanataba Festival.

How to enliven the Tanataba Festival in general is to write a request over Tanzaku (colorful Ketas), Tanzaku papers containing various kinds of applications are tied to bamboo leaf branches which form into a tree of hope on the sixth day of the seventh month. For people who happen to live near the sea has its own tradition, which is to dissolve the tree of hope into the sea as the highlight of the Tanabata Festival celebration. But, this tradition is now increasingly rarely seen and increasingly abandoned by people because of the many ornaments made of plastic.


Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival

The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is held once a year on Saturdays in the last week of July. The festival is held on the banks of the Sumida River located in Tokyo, Japan. The festival is one of the biggest fireworks parties in Tokyo in addition to the Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival and Flower Festival. Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival.

The fireworks festival was first held on July 9, 1733, known as the Ryogoku River Festival during Shogun’s reign Tokugawa Yoshimune of the Edo Shogunate. The festival was also held as the Suijin Festival to pray for victims who died from the enormous Cholera and Hunger epidemic in 1732 .Ryogoku itself is the name for the riverbank area that is now known as Sumidagawa. At the time of the Fireworks Festival this was still small scale, the fireworks that were launched were only about 20 pieces. However, in 2018 the fireworks were launched as many as 20,000.


Obon Matsuri Festival

The Obon Festival is held for 4 Days in July or August. However, the celebration dates vary depending on the region. It is estimated that the Obon Matsuri appears in Japanese people’s lives in the Asuka period. Then the Festival became popular in the 12th century as the number followers of Buddhism.

The Obon Festival is celebrated by all Japanese families. This ritual begins with the presence of Mukaebi. Family members who light a fire in their yard as a way to guide ancestral spirits back home. So if you are in the middle of the city when the Obon Festival is ready quiet, because everyone is returning home to visit the Family Tomb.

Not diverse, Summer Festival in Japan? If you want to go to Japan, which festival do you want to miss? Give your answers in the comments column.

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